Artistic wall is the original interior solution, specially form the living space, excites the imagination, stimulates creativity. The painting on the plastered surface, smooth, or with its own texture, recreates a variety of spectacular views: the view from the windows, the balcony from the roof – all of which can be shown to any height. This wall painting is a living work of art. This is not a reproduction and wallpapers, which after some time, bored, or will be studied far and wide. Artistic wall and interior design can embody any ideas, fantasies and images. Tempera paint waterproof, so the painting, especially if it cover colorless matte varnish, you can even wash it.

Painting walls, covered with a special varnish prevents glare and reflections. Tempera paint themselves fit well, and if you have wallpaper on the walls, it is also possible to do artistic painting Interior after appropriate cleaning and sizing. Painting the walls and ceiling painting will create a single, powerful image – individually created for you! Painting walls and ceilings perform clean acrylic and oil paints, upon completion of painting the walls covered with a protective varnish, and after drying, the surface can be subjected to wet cleaning! Every day, painting walls and ceilings has become increasingly popular, wall painting will make your home more comfortable, to implement any ideas and imagination, will give you many years of sea of joy and positive emotions! At all times, art paintings decorate houses, temples and palaces. Art painting attached to any interior color and saturation, and a special way not fungible form space – turning part of the wall of the window, pushing the boundaries of real time and space! Wall painting accentuate your personality, will make the room elegant, unique, memorable and breathe in your apartment, home or office and a large positive charge of novelty piece!