Christina is an IT writer since 1993 now it is for us usual, that all our special, like for example photos of the wedding, digital evidence. However, data for many reasons that are technical or caused by humans, can be lost. These include overvoltage, static electricity, wear the hard drive, power failure, mechanical shocks, as climate factors, such as extreme differences in temperature and humidity. Especially viruses wreak great damage. What happens when a backup? A backup is primarily the creation of backup copies, so that if a file is damaged, the original can be replaced by the duplicate.

Usually the files are on external hard drives, copied such as eSATA and USB or over the Internet in a data center. With a fixed number of GB will be data centers per month charged and limited traffic. Thus, an excellent backup is even able run data restore program. Trend-setting PC backups use also in-file Delta. This Feature stores only the change that takes place within a file after you copy of the entire file in the connection. This allows large files backed up quickly and significantly reduces the need for bandwidth. What is a particularly effective backup the purpose of in addition? With the help of the reduction of bandwidth, it is possible to exploit both the CPU and server. Delta compression helps to save space and resulting as a result hardware and high spending related.

The sole assurance of the change is especially useful, as is the hard drive not fully described and thus prevents premature wear of disk. Computer back-ups can thus differentially, with just outlined innovation, and also incrementally, so in stages, will be performed. Hereby, also the history of a file can be created on request. A the versioning approach sets out the grandfather-father-son-principle. Here are many backups on multiple hardware in certain time intervals made.