Variety of events at four days of Freiburg, 28.02.2012 – today published the program of the 8th International Geothermiekonferenz (IGC 2012). The established industry meeting will take place from 22 to 25 May 2011 in Freiburg and offers a comprehensive insight into various aspects of deep geothermal energy supply now for four days. Registration until March 31 can be benefited from an early bird discount. The first day of the Conference with the tri-national forum provides geothermal energy on the upper Rhine”an excellent way to get an overview of the current status of the Geothermienutzung in one of the potential richest areas in Central Europe. In addition to the legal framework and the geological particularities of Switzerland, Germany and France, various projects will be presented. The Forum is carried out in cooperation with Enerchange Trion and simultaneous german French translation. When speakers have said to include Lena Eggeling (EnBW Energie Baden-Wurttemberg), Karl-Heinz Schadle (Gruneko) and Dr. Albert Genter (GEIE d’exploitation miniere de la Chaleur).

In the morning, the second day of the Conference includes a short course on the different aspects that affect the operation of geothermal plants, as well as a full-time municipal Forum in cooperation with the Association of municipal enterprises and the Association of cities of Baden-Wurttemberg. Afternoon workshops on public relations, developments in the pump technology and international projects on the program are available. The municipal Forum provides an interesting insight into the experiences that have made local authorities throughout Germany with the deep geothermal community. Among the projects in Ried im Innkreis and bad Buchau are presented here. The Forum ends with a discussion of Panel at the Dr.

Jochen Bauer Hales from the town of Weinheim, Johann Martin Rogg from the city utility badenova, Mayor Dr. Ralf Gock from Bruhl and Hans-Detlev, Managing Director of agricultural works Gross-Gerau to participate. With the day of the Congress the 2012 IGC conference culminates on May 24.