Hugua Hu (Atyra a "Cordillera), which refers to black or dark color, in this case caused by a thick or dense vegetation should be noted that in some cases, the formula is reversed, ie passing the word Hugua be the second term, and in such cases, often exchanged for Rugua, for example: Rugua Correa (San Pedro del Ykuamandyju a "San Pedro), which refers to a family name, and you also have to clarify that in this case the translation (Correa Rugua) would be equivalent to" the background or the border of Correa owned 2.2. Place names with "a'u" in this case the word means gnu field, bare ground (without or with little vegetation) and usually flat. As examples, I cite below some place names in different parts of Paraguay constructed with the word GNU. 1. Missions a'u: refers to the broad field that extends from Villa Floria to San Juan Bautista Mission inclusive. The area is characterized by livestock. 2.

San Jose a'u: refers to the field that stretches from San Jose de los Arroyos almost to Coronel Oviedo. Also this sector is recognized as the seat of several rooms devoted to livestock. 3. a'u Guasu: refers to the field that borders the Silvio Pettirossi Airport in Luque. Remarkably, the side Asuncion a'u Guasu adopted the same name but in Castilian: Campo Grande. 2.3. Place names with "Ka'aguy" contrary to wildebeest, Ka'aguy the word refers to a wooded area, or any vegetation. Literally Ka'aguy (ka'a + guy) means "under the hill." Following are some examples of place names with the word Ka'aguy built.