We are faced with a danger that human beings of this beloved planet, we act in a way so indifferent, and it is that we are a civilization that is in the process of technological regression, by which we are like never before a fairly high chance that back 200 years, until the 19th century. It is true that virtually everything on the planet moves through derivatives and fossil fuels. All that we see or use moves through oil, natural gas and other derivatives: land vehicles, author, buses, trains, planes, boats, among others; and those who are not mobilized with fossil fuels are mobilized with electricity. Currently gets energy from alternative or renewable energy (wind power, hydropower, solar energy, hydrogen, helium, vegetable oil); but unfortunately they are absolutely isolated technologies, which require integrated and form a chain of multimodal generation. Continue burning fossil fuels, it is as if we We encerraramos in a garage with the auto ignition, i.e.

we are committing slowly with CO2 (although more efficiently fast), we project that the entire planet, the result is not necessary to point out it. The fossil fuel is limited (which is not another thing that converted biomass then million years and high pressures on fuel), there are countries that have no directly, have to buy from other countries. There is no supply. As it grows the industry is required. In many countries in growth or emerging, there is not enough electricity, there is no natural gas, no drinking enough water, hunger abounds in many parts of our planet, but constant keeps the vast majority still unaware and indifferent. Us brushed when our neighbors happens to them a disgrace, or when a war there is violent conflict, say that happened to another country, another continent, is far, prima indifference, do not remember that we are in a system called Planet Earth where what happens on the other side, us be affected sooner or later.