The Gypsy tarot deck is divided into two well distinct groups of cards of the major arcana, perhaps most popular figures, and no less important arcane minors. Within the minor arcana, today we will deal with the stick of the wands. The clubs have the energy of life, violence and storm generated by a sudden wave of vital energy. In some letters with positive bias, in others less so, the entire series of bastos refers to life, understood as a momentum that makes us act. To start the ACE of clubs refers to the force of creation, life, an explosion of energy that will make projects that are pending are realized without further delay. If it’s a couple seeking to have children, this letter Announces precisely pregnancy and fertility.

The two of wands is the ACE of coarse managed energy. It is the force placed at the service of projects and dreams. Without a doubt, a letter positive in what refers to the balance sheet of Chuck. The two of coarse reminds us that we are in control of our lives and the decisions that We take. The three of coarse shows a powerful man standing on a cliff, looking at the extent of his power. He is someone who has taken decisions, good or bad, and has taken charge of their mistakes.

But the road traveled has known him bear the expected fruit. It is a driver, a leader, who must pay with his loneliness the power and responsibility to lead others. The significance of this stick takes a turn with the four of clubs. It is the letter of the home, the family and the House. It is time to enjoy with those who love the results of our success. It is time to cease in the pursuit of new conquests and devote himself to the family and the loved. The five of wands ends with this sense of apparent calm. There is strife, fights and confrontations. Announces us the simultaneous arrival of many problems and difficulties to be found in the natural development of things. It is a letter showing opposition to the implementation of new ideas, but finally the fight will come out victorious. This success is evident in the next letter of the saga, the six of clubs. Tells us that the consultant has triumphed in the realization of the proposed changes, your idea has prevailed. However, the underlying danger that this arcane of the tarot gitano tells us is that enceguezcamos us with victory, and finally, the pride and the rancor agrien our triumphs.