To date, we can not name a single sphere of our life, which would not meet the objects that produces one or other plastic products plant. Injection molding, which is actively engaged in any factory plastic products, is designed to meet the diversified needs of the customer. The scope of works is quite extensive, but the emphasis in the field of manufacturing of plastic products, they make the production goods using the highest demand as deeply convinced that our people due to the current historical realities, more than others deserve the right to use in everyday life the most lightweight, durable and comfortable products, that produces virtually every factory of plastic products. At factories successfully mastered and commercially available for more than two hundred names of objects made of plastic for domestic (and only) application. And the list constantly replenished. It's no secret that the market flooded products from countries with cheap labor. In this aspect worth to emphasize that domestic products more favorably low price, at the same level of quality because the production of raw materials are used only the highest quality machines for the production and processing of products from most leading manufacturers: Milling centers, cut-EDM machines, injection molding machines and coordinate measuring machines. Due to such increased use of high technology and equipment has successfully manufactured plastic products such way that the entire length of the technological chain stably maintained precision machining of parts up to five microns. In the manufacture of parts accessories (such as mold) Quality of products has consistently performed after each process step.