Three-layer laminated board. When gluing lamellae obtained three-layer laminated board, which is the basic building material for the manufacture of wooden windows. Three-layer laminated veneer lumber is manufactured properly only when the annual rings of adjacent slats are directed in opposite directions. Wooden windows are made only from such a beam can be considered stable and reliable. Processing timber. The next stage of the production of wooden windows is a manufacturer of three-layer laminated veneer lumber and window shapes. Beam can pass several stages of processing depending on the the complexity of the required window profile.

Computer process control milling complex elements takes less time and gives a predictable result. Many custom wood windows require individual approach. In this case, requires manual work, then connect professionals of the highest caliber. Collection of wooden window frame. The field of how the basic elements of the window design of wood will be ready, there is assembly window. This is one of the most crucial stages, which takes place under the close supervision of specialists. Fine machining of wooden window frame.

Box made of wood demands the very careful and thoughtful Treatment, therefore, such steps as fine sanding, putty, preparing to paint the wooden window performed very carefully. Impregnation, priming and painting. Impregnation, priming and painting to protect the wood from the appearance of fungi and mold, eliminate moisture penetration, maintain a beautiful appearance. Used coatings, water-based low-solvent-based materials cured by ultraviolet light, low-volatile substances. Color of wood windows is selected in the catalog + possible effects of aging. Installing the hardware on the window from the tree. Once a wooden window has passed the stage of painting it prepares for installation of a fitting. Necessary holes drilled and installed necessary hardware to the customer form. Installation of seals. The next phase – installation of sealants. Installed bypass seals. Their material – thermoplastic elastomer – remains flexible in temperatures from -65 C to +85 C. It provides 100% leak. Completely restores form, does not adhere to the surface after long-term presence in the compressed state. Installation of glass. Next is installation of glass. Double-glazed window, double chamber, the fourth category of sound proofing. Perhaps the use of glass of varying thickness, including triplex (antivandal) and armored glass, installing energy-efficient and tinted glasses, the installation of stained glass inside the glass. Installation of the valves on the frame. Upon completion of the frame and sash mounting wings made to the frame. This necessary in order that would make pre-setting of the hardware. The final configuration of accessories is made after the installation of wooden windows at the facility. Elimination of minor flaws. After basic work on the production of wooden windows come to the end of the inspection of the finished product and the removal of small defects (if they had a place to be). The finished wooden box is wiped and sent for packaging. Packing boxes are ready. Ready-made wooden box wrapped in a tight shrink-wrap that preserves wood windows from external influences during transportation. Further windows are delivered to the facility where our experts makes installation of wooden windows.