More than two decades after the accident at the fourth power unit of Chernobyl Chernobyl interest is not lost, but, oddly enough, is growing. People want to see with my own eyes a city-legend of Chernobyl, which is in the collective unconscious become the new archetype. What is a now derelict land Chernobyl? Those who have the courage, can see it with my own eyes, visit the exclusion zone: is not the first year a number of travel agencies organize Excursions in the "forbidden land". Chernobyl Tour – a chance to see how helpless a person can be even to their own tvoreniyami.No note at once: Chernobyl itself is not much different from any Ukrainian town. In the central part of Chernobyl – 5-storey "Khrushchev". Now they placed a dormitory for workers of a "forbidden zone".

Between the houses – well-groomed flower beds. The outskirts of Chernobyl had been built up private houses. Of course, while destroying buildings, and for 20 years, they came into dilapidation. But the dilapidated house hidden from the view of tourists and merry green sprawling gardens gone wild. So that those visitors ghost town, which is calculated to see the grim picture in the spirit of cyber-punk computer games, there are several razocharovany.A this terrible town of Pripyat really produces a feeling of depression. To nuclear the tragedy of the city's population nearly 48 thousand people, and now here is always only a couple of guards at the KP at the entrance to the city.

On the streets of a large and once cheerful ringing of ominous silence. From cracks in the pavement knocked moss and grass, on the football field for 20 years post-accident grew tall poplars, in the center of Pripyat, between high-rise concrete boxes, stands alone, "Ferris wheel". from the roofs of the dead can shestnadtsatietazhek see the Pripyat River, seen here and the very disaster. Tourists are allowed to walk through the desolate rooms, look at the empty apartment, go to the orphan kindergarten, school, shop. Everywhere under your feet you can see a fragment of a distant life – Toys, children's slipper, photographs, postcards … Because of the high background radiation in Pripyat not stay long. But you do not want to do this: so uncomfortable here among the dead 16-storey blocks of concrete. And all too easily present the same dead silence in the streets of his hometown!