January. Feast of San Sebastian Since 1920 with the creation of brotherhood begins this holiday. Understanding the days 19,20 and January 21 being the day Central 20, coinciding barrel start of the Carnival in the city. Feast of San Pedro San Pedro Patron of the City, this festival is scheduled for the month of June, with Central on the 29th day of the Pope. Attractions: It is interesting to visit: – The Cathedral – Municipal – Plaza Elias Aguirre – Church of San Pedro – Santa Maria Convent – Chapel Veronica – Museum – Beaches The tomb of the City Located 12 kilometers from Chiclayo. It is characterized by Colonial mansions.

Other interesting places to visit are: The houses colonial patios that surround the Cathedral. And the churches San Francisco, Santa Catalina, San Roque and Santa Lucia. Spa located 11 kilometers from Chiclayo. Ideal for the sport of surfing. Besides observing the local fishermen sailing in the ancient horses of reeds, traditional raft used since pre-Columbian times. Archaeological complex Huaca Rajada (Lord of Sipan) Located 35 kilometers from Chiclayo. Place where it was discovered in 1987 intact remains of a dignitary of the Moche hierarchy – warrior priest. The important discovery can only be compared to the finding the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen in 1922.

The construction consists of a low platform and two adobe pyramids. In the finding, that the tomb of the dignitary was accompanied by the remains of a warrior, a priest, two women, one child, a llama and a guardian with the foot amputees. In addition to numerous gold and silver jewelry. The Lord tomb restored in 1988, can visit the Museum, displaying over 500 pieces of different cultures, a vault and saved hundreds of objects in the basement a well-lit glass case where the remains of Lord of Sipan. Archeological site of or Valley of the Pyramids is characterized by its 26 pyramids, among which include: The Sun and The Stakes. It is located just one kilometer from the town of Tucume community is very involved with the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. This site dates back to 700 AD Forest Historical Sanctuary. Located 40 kilometers from Chiclayo. In this forest of diverse flora found archaeological remains of the Sican culture. 20 structures have been found pre-Inca. Archaeological complex. Located 12 kilometers from Chiclayo. Set of pyramids and venues in an area of approximately 20 hectares. This complex is identified with the legend.