For Mauro Framke Cappellano.Entoqueridos reading, this is for who does not like to read on politics to porachar it complicated and without, as I can say, emotion! Without quererparecer simplista, our structure can be compared exactly politics with umgrande, enormous, restaurant. Where of a side they are the politicians, who could be compared with the cooks, and of another one we are, osclientes that eat and pay. – Ah, but Cappellano, that favour has a restaurant? – they ask vocs. Todagraa of the world, imagines you to pay a umacomida money barbarity for bad, and still to see that half of the bought material to parapreparar it was for the garbage. The politics of the PT currently is most basic possible! Deum side is the staff who fiscalizes, and that if he interests in as onosso money so wanted flows off of our pockets, in form deimpostos. back in Brasilia, the other side, the group who if strengthens to emgastar it of the possible forms most strange.

It has of everything! Of coposde crystals that had cost thousand of Reals, interminable trips of it together with the Senate! Nossopresidente already in another making defended the spree of the tickets, dizendoque nothing had of more, and that he himself made when was member of the house of representatives, anosatrs. They see well, denuncismo is the act of that citizen who complains queum pipe is leaking without, however, to see the water gushing out. It is not the overflowed true casonesta of news articles and journalistic substances quevem lately appearing. Therefore of this time if it speaks that the pipe cracked ea water is falling directly on our heads. More clearly than the expenses, and documents signed for them parliamentarians do not exist! Agoravamos to see if concordalistas