He asked the student to work and never accepted I can not. " RENE MOLINA: "When the Academy was formed in the UP we were classmates. I gave him a chair and another but I never saw teaching. We never came across in that direction, which is very curious. These were the years 52 to 64. Each one we took a weekly class hours., At another level we did a lot of work together.

At that time all focused on the Conservatory of Music …. We lived nearby and had lunch every day with Dona Rosita at the Conservatory. My friendship with him was always a couple … never varied. Seeing him on stage was a great teacher. Some of his works, including The Yellow Train were fabulous. Was among the first works in Guatemala which were in demand … We were also together in who should greet him from afar and say goodbye.

With a smile responded with the hand … but seeing him "rutier" his people, intimidated and "better had to leave the UP before we play" in the same lasting just a couple of weeks. Reaction of teenagers, of course. ANA MARIA: "A ogre!, I said when I met him. It was awful. He had a terrible temper. I said: But why stand? Why am I still here? He was very strict. Overly strict. What happens is that I do not really know what tasted to be in the UP. Then when he looked at was going to exercise and I would mourn me threatening to send me back to my house.