A construction you couldn’t come, to deal with the construction law. In Germany, the construction law is one of the law matters, which are most frequently before the Court. The parties to the construction, the contracting authority on the one hand and the exporting company on the other side have in the course of the past years unlearned, sensible to talk it, and to deal properly with each other. Exaggerated profit expectations on both sides do their part, that it its energy in the completion of a major construction contract rather used to justify additional compensation claims depending on the position or to repel as well as to take care of the timely and faultless as possible completion of the contracted construction. When the construction manager of the exporting company and the project leader of the customer definitively don’t want to talk anymore or can also occur mostly lawyers on the plan. This threatening fabric floated anyway from the day one of the construction site.

In many cases were Construction lawyers already with provided from the outset of the game, in the back office a myriad of disabilities write and concerns registrations, to have just as much paper produced for the looming battle and to be able to provide enough supporting material before the Court. The construction right but once hijacked the construction site, then much as a rule no longer goes forward. There was already building projects, where she on client side with the settlement no longer read the myriad of letters by the contractor is brought afterward entrusted persons and simply collected the sometimes quite important mails in a folder. If you encounter a such uninformed customer then at the next jour fix the accusation is here a blatant violation of the so-called cooperation bid as the really fundamental principle of construction law lie not far above. In extreme cases, provide particularly motivated construction lawyers that a construction site completely come to a halt. This is especially true, if Dispute escalated above the performance actually owed and the client is not ad-hoc ready, to lift the formerly agreed lump-sum fixed price but equal once by 25%.

Both parties are maneuvering through the pursuit of maximum positions in an often desperate situation. It is significant that the construction law also limited can help out the Contracting Parties of such a situation. The competent courts Chambers have the necessary paragraph although, generally, to determine the merits of a claim. Before the application of the construction law, the gods but have used the investigation of the facts of the case. And this actually insignificant task, the courts in many cases bite off the teeth. Eva Thum