You can help initially by a limaton to throw most of the stains. Then proceed to Polish and finish parts. The recommendation is to do so at the end of all welding and soldering work and so You can keep the piece of silver clean from stains. Determines the perfection of the piece. How many fewer imperfections have greater will be its value. It must be taken into account that pure precious stones are very rare.

Typically they present alterations in their crystals or have foreign bodies in its interior. These alterations or bodies are called jewelry inclusions, normally visible under a microscope. Inclusions may correspond to other minerals or the same mineral that contains it. The inclusions can also be organic as remnants of plants or insects. If there are imperfections with the naked eye (without using Loupe or microscope) should reconsider its acquisition. The crimp or the mount must also choose in such a way that it conceals the possible imperfections of the diamond. It is not possible to determine the degree of purity of a pure diamond if it is mounted as the own mount can hide imperfections in the same.

The colour of a diamond is measured with an alphabetical range from letter D to Z. How much closer to the clearer D is the diamond and closer to the letter Z more yellowish. A trained human eye can distinguish a change in the tone of the white color from the letter H. At the start of the art of jewelry you can find small problems like the typical spots of fire in la plata. Just follow the tips provided and will get rid of them without shortening their creativity in jewelry.