That is one of the most basic things. The rules exist for what is false, not for the real thing, the real thing can exist without rules. That’s why I tell you dear reader (a): that it not impurifica humans bad spelling but maleficent interpretation of the thinking of others, in itself, the words are tiny to interpret the great truths, Gonzales Prada: don’t talk about hoi as spoke the conquerors: American languages provide us with words that we use with law, because they have no equivalents in Spanish, for expressing ideas exclusively oursby naming things intimately related to our life. Even in the pronunciation how much we’ve changed! We must evade the N in the trans particle, i change to preposition Latin speaking at this time what would in any Academy in Madrid? Almost a barbarian who pronounces the its soft sounds g, and you will win the cielo.s laex x, before the consonant, in principle from Word. Gentlemen the quell as the and confuses the b with the v i does not distinguish the z s, or the c en(trascrito tal como esta en el libro Pajinas libres) do readers understand why the? contents of the Pa Gonzales Prada book writes it with J? With Juan and Pedro Socrates who was teaching his disciples we saw, we heard him say: _ when he was young, believed that he knew a lot. When I envejeci and matured in wisdom, I came to understand that I don’t know anything. The Kings of Spain said that the Spanish language was the perfect to speak with God; Now we know that it is of the heart? Reason has the Ecuadorian poet Monserratth Sanchez Correa, in his poetry: free jinns if Manuelcorazon. Why language can not describe creation without just with one word feelings could decipher what my eyes contemplate, would express that true beauty which hides the nature.? But what is that beauty? Behold, those flowers, with their vivid colors that desfogan that unique and unparalleled, perfume from her naturalness.

Dear reader (a), as I told you at the beginning: when he was a child had created my own alphabet with symbols that they supplied all the lyrics, now the letters not I’ve replaced him with other symbols to communicate with everyone; but in my real plane I pretend to be a child showing me as I am. The reading should give us the privilege of understanding, the rest are details. All very cordially Arquimedes Rivera Olazabal. original author and source of the article.