If you, for whatever reasons, are interested in buying an apartment in Prague and you have collected the necessary money, you can safely get to work. Yes, yes, to work, because finding a suitable option for the purchase will require substantial investment in the form of wasted time and money. If you still call the country of Czechoslovakia, and you have a glimmer of hope that there all understand Russian, you need to quickly take a cold shower and start to get acquainted with realities of the Czech real estate market. The first thing to be concerned – it’s translator. Who this is: friend or student representative estate agency, you decide.

The translator is essentially a translation, rather than diplomas Education or business card. This translator must log in to your position clearly and in negotiations to take your side. If your translator in negotiations to play in the same gate that you have a great chance to defend their interests and achieve the best deal. Once you’re familiar with the Czech real estate market (and it can be done by reading real estate magazines or the Internet), and the Czech Republic with a map, you can safely bathe themselves in the search. For work more effectively you will need to draw up a clear list of criteria that will be carried out sampling.

One of the most important steps in home buying is itself a contract of sale of real estate in the Czech Republic. In principle, You can do without a lawyer, if you know what items in the contract should be read with the greatest attention. Without exception, all ambiguities or discrepancies should be eliminated in the name of a bilateral meeting. Not Feel free to ask the realtor even those moments that you do not know. Ignorance – no vice!