Norwegian fjords make a lasting impression on everyone who has ever rested in these places. Snow-covered valleys, beautiful fjords, free to ride the route – all this attracts holiday to ski resorts Norway. Stunning views, well-groomed snow trails, comfortable conditions for rest Besides all this, for a rest many still need and comfort, nemnogolyudnost, which is typical of ski resorts in Norway. Some of them are located in the area of Norway, where there are many glaciers and jagged mountain peaks with scenic plateau. These stunning views are a perfect backdrop for skiing in Norway. A real pleasure to ride on the trails, made at a global level! Due to the special terrain at ski resorts Norway can also engage in off-piste. A wide area presents a good opportunity go for a walk on the cross-country skiing.

Small and nemnogolyudnye Norwegian resort offers only a few ski lifts. This makes them particularly attractive for families and for those wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle. You have the ability to provided a guide to go to a ski tour. Taking some skis, shovel, pager, gps and map, you can do it yourself, if you have the skills and experience.