In posts previous referring to design of pages Web, where we indicated the necessity of the importance that our pages Web were evident, we showed some examples of practical cases. Retaking the concept of evident pages Web there is a point that we must consider in any development Web, and this one is that in many cases, by the same nature of the companies or services, evident being in the design Web is not simple. A practical case is the publicity agencies. Given the nature of the publicity where it is demanded to be creative of complete time, the design of their Web sites, generally, must pass on the originality idea, And how is obtained this? Then being creative at the time of creating the page Web. The problem begins when it must decide between originality and functionality.

When a page must like creative priority be than more functional, the unique option that is had is the most descriptive the one of being explicit, that is to say, to be possible when the elements in the design Web are not evident. We are going to begin by navigation. For some strange reason a first that it is wanted to change when designing page of very original Internet is main navigation and, generally, the first place in the page Web where it is wanted to place is in the part inferior. Good, already of in case he is quite complicated to place navigation in the part inferior of the pages Web by technical questions related to monitors and navigators, but a determining factor is that the common user does not hope to find navigation there. Yes already we made the decision from the footer will be where it will be navigation, then we will have to make sure that nothing of the page seems a Link if is not it in fact, in fact, the ideal would be not to put more links not to confuse the user, this in order that the user lowers all the site in search of the connections.