It is important to note that the quality of the diamond jewelry depends on the carving of the stones, since carving manages to highlight the best diamond and hide their imperfections. Diamond carving is so important that a bad carving can completely ruin a good diamond, like a not so good diamond, with the right size, can achieve an excellent end result. Let’s look at some of the more traditional carvings and its main features. Carving heart is traditionally used in anniversary rings. This size of diamond is usually the most economical.

The ideal relationship between width and length of this size is 1 to 1, most square possible. Princess carving is one of most used currently carvings. It is especially seen in engagement rings. Its main feature is the square shape; with 76 facets, this carving makes diamond very bright for the way in which reflects the light. The PEAR size is easily recognized by its Teardrop shape. The ideal use for this carving is in pendants or earrings with diamonds. Emerald carving is It is characterized by its rectangular shape. It has an important central table, and the following rectangular facets are parallel to it.

Traditionally the number of facets in the Emerald size is 50. This carving reflects the light a little less than the Princess likes, but the rectangular shape gives you a stunning port. Oval carving has 56 facets and its shape is very similar to a bright. Fundamental to this size is that the shape of the diamond is not too rounded. Like all sizes where it predominates the length, in a ring causes the illusion of a longer finger.