If you belong to that category of people for whom the laptop – a second life, or if you want native son, this article is for you, because it will talk about keeping your electronic treasures. Of course, safety notebook depends on many factors, including, from the user. However, we will talk about the irreplaceable accessory for portable computers – the bag, the "right" bag. The main thing is that the suit was sitting in the case of selection "Right" size bag for a laptop is important. It depends on the size of the matrix and the laptop is measured in inches. However, rely solely on this indicator is not necessary. Options Notebook various producers with the same diagonal can vary greatly. So before you make a purchase, by all means try a "suit" at his friend.

Do not let your laptop too much freedom – it is not reported to hang out in bags, but not too shy, so as not to damage the body. If the bag for attaching "laptop" belts are provided, check whether they can pull up to size to ensure greater security. Safety – The most terrible thing above all else for the laptop, not counting the hands negligent master – is a hit, moisture, sun, and perhaps the dead of winter. So bag should have impact-resistant, water resistant, protect from UV and cold winter. Shock – this is exactly the property that distinguishes the laptop bag from the usual bag. "Correct" bag should have at least one of the following characteristics in order to protect "Laptop" from a blow: a secure compartment for the laptop (hardening of the walls is provided by gel or air cushions, cushion, or seals of a special foam), a rigid frame, the most effective provides protection from shock (but it adds considerable weight bag), a special air bag, which is laid between the laptop compartment for bags and outer walls and protects the laptop from side impacts.