The challenges in EGS projects, success factors for the development of the project and the basics of public relations are just a few of this year’s priorities. Freiburg, 03.03.2011 – today published the final program of the 7th International Geothermiekonferenz (IGC). The established industry meeting will be held from 10-12 May 2011 in Freiburg and offers a comprehensive insight into various aspects of the deep geothermal energy in three days. Registration until 11 March can be benefited from an early bird discount. “On the first day of the Conference this year is the implementation of so-called enhanced geothermal systems” (EGS) projects focus on an application of geothermal energy, which is not dependent on the occurrence of hot deep waters. The importance of say among others Professor Ernst Huenges EGS projects for the energy future and their potential by the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam and Professor Eva Schill of the Universite de Neuchatel. Also, on the first day, workshops offered one thereof, for example, has projects and potential of deep geothermal energy all over the world on the subject.

Guided by the Leibnitz Institute of applied geophysics interested can meet also practical geothermal information system (GeotIS), while the participants in other workshops have the opportunity to do media training or get in-depth insights into the latest developments of pump technology. The day of the Congress introduces technology of EnBW Energie Baden-Wurttemberg, Dr. Hans-Josef Zimmer, on May 11, inter alia through a keynote of the General Agent. He will report about the importance of geothermal energy in the energy mix of the future from the point of view of a big utility. The following four discussion forums are dedicated to the Exchange and handle the issues of financing, seismicity, project development and efficiency in Geothermiekraftwerken. Traditionally, a focus in Freiburg is the subject of financing. Florian Fritsch, Managing Director of Fatah of geothermal energy is an interesting approach here “present: with our concept of the registered bonds, we allow individuals on the earnings potential of geothermal power plants to participate in and contribute to building an anchored regionally and locally-oriented energy supply.