Technology "hair extensions" a lot, consider some of most often used here in the city of Voronezh. What technology is "Hair" is most often used? Method "Italian" hair extension technology. It refers to the "hot" methods. At the factory for ready strands of hair applied a drop of resin in the form of small plates and flat. Such strands are attached by a special device that perpetuate this resin and attached (clamping) on our hair. Congealing, it forms a small capsule in the form of small platelets.

The capsules are transparent and invisible to the hair, but the touch is felt. Usually it takes about one hundred and twenty strands (20-40 hairs) for hair. What will be the length, color – it's all you choose together with the master. Such hair is combed out and hardly worn up to six months, and then snimayutsya.Metod "English" hair extension technology. She also referred to "hot." Here, the resin droplets are small and formed in a special device, which are held together by strands of hair and.

This technique is not recommended for oily hair and a thin weakened. Worn such hair two to three months. Disadvantage: vychesyvayutsya.Metod technology ExtendMagic hair extensions. It may be called the Korean, as it was invented in Korea. Hair held a special device dispensing the substance through which the hair is glued. This is the most gentle of the hottest techniques. If English is used in temperature 200-210 degrees Celsius, the Italian 110-170 degrees Celsius, the temperature in the Korean technology about 90 degrees Celsius.