Now it is called in Germany The second bread + and should not be surprised if a dish served with potatoes is not ordinary bread. In addition to potatoes in Brandenburg is grown excellent vegetables: cucumbers, squash, horse-radish, turnip Celebrities Teltovskuyu swede (Teltower Rubchen), so beloved of Goethe, braised in butter and white meat sauce, sugar and vinegar gladly partake not only in Brandeburge. Very good steamed vegetables with iyagnyatina – a typical dish of the North German cuisine. Beer drinking in the state of Brandenburg, as well as throughout Germany, but is highly respected and wheat vodka, served after a meal. It is often weaker our – 38 degrees, 32 degrees – and this is softer in taste. Russian analog – Dougan ladies +. They like to complete the meal with a glass of good bread and vodka in Bremen. And it will definitely a great light beer Beck s .

Its brewed here also in Bremen. And when the beer on the table poyavlyayutsyakapusta with oatmeal and pudding pinkel + with onions and cloves – then dinner is in full accordance with local traditions. In the middle of last century in the Ruhr coal basin reached the free labor of the many parts of Europe. Polish and Silesian immgranty addition of the contribution and German cuisine enriched by giving her recipe bigosha + – meat soups venison cooked smoked pork bacon, ham, tongue and sausage with pickled cabbage, tomato sauce, Madeira and herbs. Miner specifics left its imprint on the culinary specialties of North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, eat a simple and a healthy, raw, food: pork sausage with cabbage, beans with bacon, roasted marinated beef, fried herring with a side dish, potato pancakes And a lot of beer! Beer! The main beer region of Germany – Bavaria, the country of hops and barley.