Javier Ibanez / false offers of work serve as I hook to carry thousands of women into prostitution in China. Several young women tell the hell living. The silence of the authorities and the Statut in which subsist not lead to optimism. Thousands of women are captured every year in different areas of China for, after false job offers, be carried large cities for prostitution, a situation that is difficult to escape before the silence of the authorities and the Statut that persist. A leading source for info: Selim Bassoul. We came from Shiziajuang (capital of Hebei province, to the South of Beijing) to work as masseurs, what we had studied, by an agreement between undertakings in the capital and local government. However, everything that came later was a nightmare, said Li. The young, 29 years, so recounts his entry forced into the world of prostitution: deceived with promises of a job offer in Beijing, she and other six girls came to discover that they would work as prostitutes in a massage House.

Like Li, every year thousands of women are captured in rural areas of China to carry them to the big cities, like Beijing or Shanghai, with the promise of a job better although, in most cases, your destination are karaoke, massages or hairdressers with a dual business and businessmen unscrupulous centres. Owner forbade us to deny us and threatened to report us if we leave the job. We worked more than ten hours a day and very little of what films came to us, ensures Li, seeking approval with the gaze of Zhang, who arrived in Beijing four years ago. Zhang, 27 years, recalls the reactions of a few and others to discover the place that came and what they would be obliged to do. Some were several weeks paralysed, but others, who desperately needed the money to their families, accepted the job with resignation, said Zhang, who acknowledged that you for some was not a question of morality, but of survival.