A moment ago I stand in a business of purified water, those that have proliferated in Mexico, which are small waste water treatment that have local coverage, nearly 1 to 2 colonies. Well, I was previously going to another purificadora located as the last 5 blocks from this visit a while ago. Arriving the first thing I received is a lovely lady with a big smile on his face and waving kindly, followed by this, takes our carboys and carefully gets to wash them, disinfect them and fill them, all this with the most strict hygiene standards. Ask us at the end of its work, is the first time they come? , my wife and I would answer Yes. And she very politely inform us about the process of purification and security that we have to drink your water. And just before we retire tells us gives Me great pleasure to visit us, I hope you like water and here expect them.

To the retiarme I said WOW, if so addressed all employees to their clients this and any other country which do so would be the best in the world. And I knew that that Lady It was the owner, because I saw a certificate of laboratory to a woman’s name and asumi who that woman was that the US was attending. To go heading home I wondered does that is what makes a business owner to attend 100% customers as opposed to an employee than in most of the times is below the standard of quality of care in the owner? And what popped into my head was the following: the owner of the company, is the obvious owner, and he is working to have a profitable business, it can be said that this investing an employee only sees the business from the owner as a job more. The owner to the failure of the business, not only lose their source of income if not also the investment that you have made in the same. Employee only lost the source of income and looking for another.

What if an employee to work, needs to invest an amount of money?, depending on the type of work that is, to greater revenue potential and development, greater investment than would that make the employee. It would achieve this than the employee, first think very well if this is the job you want to be, in second play at 100% by the risk of losing the initial investment. And what if that initial investment turns into actions within 2 or 3 years old in the post? Do you achieve this that employees feel more identified and committed to their work? May perhaps this idea to improve the index of employee turnover? Give confidence to business owners, to invest in the training of their employees? Hara enterprises more competitive? I think the idea is good, we need to study it more thoroughly, and I believe that something good can emerge from this idea. Visit my website to leave me your comments and tell me what you think.