Do you suffer from bleeding hemorrhoids?, the principle is not a danger for your life, but with the passage of time can trombosarse and worsen the situation, only leaving him as an alternative to surgery to fix it, and in very rare cases produces a widespread infection that is fatal to your health. The reason for delete bleeding hemorrhoids is mostly to relieve their symptoms, which tend to go crazy due to their discomfort, for this reason I bring you some treatments for bleeding hemorrhoids: what to do: always eat foods with fiber. Prevent diarrhea, constipation and constipation. Use wet toilet paper at the time of cleaning. Take sitz bath with lukewarm water when the symptoms present perform constant light exercises to regain bowel movement. Medication: Includes the use of suppositories, cream or injections, agreement the diagnosis of your medical trust.

Some drugs such as the vitalipid or the duo cvp-k are vitamin k supplements, it is one option if you do not want to use alfalfa. It is very common that they recommend NSAIDs, best-known as anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroidal medication, to soothe some symptoms of hemorrhoids, be careful not to exceed the dose, otherwise it will produce more bleeding to their wounds. Plants should be used: alfalfa is a good supplement of vitamin k, essential to stop all types of hemorrhages. Aloe vera always works for all types of hemorrhoids, use your gel to apply directly in the affected area. The application of leaf of eucalyptus and Mint produces a quick relief for bleeding hemorrhoids. What not to do: don’t stay long time sitting in the bath, apply force for too long produces ruptures in hemorrhoids. Do not perform forced labour of any kind. Consume coffee, alcohol or very spicy and salty foods increases the pressure in the veins of the rectum, therefore there is more bleeding in these. Not sit anywhere, recalls having a consistency neither so soft nor hard, also should not spend much time standing nor nor sitting, schedule properly their moments.