What can they make us know the techniques, the sciences? Destroy the walls of the real thing that separates us from reality, participate in be to live as on the first day of the birth of the world, a day that was every day, the first day of new births. Be, exist, without be Existentialist, because be Existentialist is to be revolutionary prisoner of logomaquias live, is aware that revolutions are nothing more than free, beyond the separate realisms sere slaveries dogmatically for the real thing, thats the surrealist requirement for participation of being. Occasionally, the conscience is awakened this fundamental requirement of the spirit makes its voice heard. Andre Breton there will be helped, help men to listen to it. Ionesco.

Journal (II) p.211. Like ARTAUD and DAUMAL instructed by GUeNON (Ellemire Zolla), Ionesco, in precise correspondence with the doctrinal exhibition guenoniana, captures and projected a transcendental, ahistorical, traditional doctrine and Universal (Journal II the IMPROVISATION of the soul the murderer) has nothing to do with disappointment this notion of tradition to the historical decline, the devotion of the past by the past or the exaltation of a reactionary ideology. Beyond all this rises the intuition and the certainty of IONESCO. Glimpsed between simbolois, myths, ritual processes and metaphysical perifilosofias, always and everywhere, secret analogies, syntactic equivalence, which testify to a common fund, an eternal base beyond all temporal crystallisations. He even warns that same principle inmujtable in the articulation of the cosmic components and movements of the figures and forms of the universe. There is a stationary Center which everything moves, transforms, is born and dies; a centre non – human, beyond the cosmos, strange to civilization, alien, perhaps, more than anything, because it, the civilization that it alienates and disposes to him, although all immerse in its roots. Original author and source of the article.