Women have a special perception of the feelings and relations between people. For this reason female arcana have a very special meaning to the moment of the tarot of love Chuck. The first female figure with which we find ourselves is the Priestess. She is the mistress of the hidden issues, things that have influence on our lives, but we are unable to see with the naked eye. It is undoubtedly an authority figure, which has power over his subjects.

However, the influence of the Priestess on the consultant is not always positive. She is the source of power behind the powers of the magician. This relationship is the key to understand the meaning of this letter. It speaks to us of balance between the positive and the feminine, between the opposite poles of a relationship. It is a Charter of mental energy, and their duality is expressed in it can indicate that the consultant will take perception to discover what is hidden, but it may also become prisoner of the influx and the bad intentions of a third in discord. The Empress reminds us of the body physical and the material world. It is the triumphant of the pleasure of the senses and the abundance of life in all its forms.

It is the archetypal mother. He drew the first appearance of the power of Love Tarot. The Empress is perfect and beautiful, possesses virtues and thanks in abundance and symbolizes birth and creation. It is an invitation to open a new perfect and unconditional love. Tells us that we must be like her: kind, loving and a gift for the senses. The force is also represented by another woman, and his power is derived from the strength of character, of the power to control emotions and rise above them. The woman conquers the beast with determination and action. It is a letter that invites us to have patience and strength of character, to not be discouraged by the small inconveniences. We must imitate the drop of water that makes holes in the stone. No doubt we will achieve our goal, the key is to act with patience. It is the turn of justice. But in this case, refers not to the Justice of men. It tells us that the consultant will get what It truly deserves, is this good or bad. In the tarot of love reminds us that relationships are a thing of two and that when something doesn’t work as it should, never is the fault of one single.