All nostalgia of the moments that they had marked and they contributed, with this great love, that always searched the perfection, and never found, but it has all satisfaction, to have fortified the heart and the relation in having lived a perfect night; In this night the time stopped, was there where our dream if carried through, appreciating all beauty, in each touch it felt the penumbra of your pureness to acariciar my body, with the light of your look, when dancing in moonlight, we bailvamos freely, when feeling the cantos of the stars, transmitting all smoothness of this beautiful night, to each kiss felt the moon luminous, presenteou that me with this precious rock, reaching all fullness of the emotion. Living that wonderful night, we continue to be sanctioned, when seeing the moon to kiss the sun, bordering the dawn, in we deliver to the purest pleasure, felt the brightness to them of your eyes, to each touch felt all ecstasy in having lived that moment, being infected with the night most romantic of the world, hearing the melody in silence, through our hearts, feeling all brandura of the breeze, covering its body with mine, reaching the height of a burning hot desire, being greeted for the moon, to who the love it never rejects, therefore I will exaltarei always you, for having given that perfect night to me. All copyrights reserved the Writer Jair Lisbon ISBN: Salvador – Bahia – Brazil.