Few products touch the human soul as a good perfume. That magical elements are involved in the creation of these works of art that can easily take us another world? It looks like magic, it is true, but in reality is pure chemistry, chemistry like that each person has with its particular perfume. What are the secret elements that are able to change the mood, and spread beauty everywhere that they are perceived? The green family. This family of ingredients has become very fashionable from the second half of the 20th century. Fragrances they are distinctly young, lively, refreshing the main responsible species are rhubarb, sour orange, hyacinth, the galvanum – another plant species-, and violet. The family of tobacco. Before the lightness of green fragrances, tobacco perfumes gives a velvety and soft feel.

The main species responsible is the Evergreen. This plant which grows in the Mediterranean basin makes its essences by distillation steam distillation of dried flowers. The musk. It was originally a substance that naturally produced some animals such as the musk ox. Few aromas convey so much sensuality as for this substance.

It is extremely strong, and is diluted in alcohol, used in very small doses. For some time this part industry has been using a synthetic substitute, which mimics richly to this natural substance. MOSS. This component refers to the smells of the forest and weeds, moist soil, of nature. It has notes of wood and mushrooms. Oak Moss is the main species of this family. It is a Lichen (parasite plant) that develops on the trunks of oak, in Eastern Europe. To extract the essences is necessary to dissolve large amounts of MOSS, which can also grow on the cedar and pine and FIR, although the latter are less appreciated by the perfume industry. The Iris. It is a plant species that produces a flower beautiful shades of lilac and violet. It is a very coveted by perfumers, since it intervenes in the formulation of the majority of fine perfumes. For the essence extraction necessary plants are three years of age, when they are harvested, and the roots must be peeled, dried, and crushed, to then be distilled steamed. A kilo of this essence can become cost 1500. Obtaining the essence is a chemical process extremely complex, where fatty acids are removed to make way for the pure substance. This is the first part of the description of the raw materials involved in the creation of perfumes. Very soon, the second installment of the hand of Perfumes Andorra.