The Maldives is indescribable and impeccably neat beaches of white sand for lovers of sand-sun treatments. This is – a wonderful and delightful underwater world for diving. Exclusively to the Maldives! On Maldives is considered by many the most beautiful beaches in the world! Those who wish to relax a bit though, to see the heavenly nature, to feel the rush of bliss, peace, and this heavenly rest, taste the unique dishes porobovat forces in an unusual, sports and recreation, correct – there is an exotic place and arrange a tour visit to the Maldives. Tour to the Maldives is expensive. But we can Last minute offer to take on the Maldives. The price is very reduced.

Sometimes the price is reduced to fifty percent. This is true not only for holiday in the Maldives, but also visit other parts of the resort. Resort Maldives, located 700 km to the south western side of Sri Lanka on the equator in laskovomIndiyskom Ocean. In general, about 2 thousand island units, which form the atoll twenty-six arrays, and only 202 of them inhabited. Other 74 – exist as a resting place for travelers and tourists who simply – only resort island. The total area of the solid and the sea surface is 90,000 square kilometers. The Maldives is known own seating, either of which – a unique planet, which is surrounded by a unique bright sands.

Maldives – a quiet resort where there are no usual urban residents rattle cars and other unpleasant sounds here only almost untouched nature and vast areas of water surface. The archipelago, which are the Maldives has a luxurious underwater world, with reefs of coral and thousands of colorful residents. On the island – resorts exotic and tropical plants are delighted visiting traveler. Weather in the Maldives a sub-tropical. Twice a year the monsoons come. The temperature in the Maldives is almost the same for a year and sostvalyaet about 29 – 32 in Celsius. Tours to Maldives – complete silence and tranquility. The possibility of tour and leisure certainly comfortable. Dazzling, bright color and color banana-coconut tourist corner, gently warm azure ocean, where different from human beings with as bright and unique coloration, run, fly, jump, and even crawling. All surely you can see, feel and touch. Do you want to see all this with your own eyes? I think the view of many, forward book a tour to the Maldives. Here, to know all about free turesovershenno Special offers for Maldives. Almost none resort area on the planet is not rich by what is in the Maldives. If you have not yet decided where spend leisure time in summer, or to meet the New Year holiday, do not hesitate – a tour in the Maldives archipelago, you will not regret it!