When finally arrives the predetermined fate determined that if and when the time is ripe is also from above, because we are led from the top. It is of course also a concern, Seeking advice on the way to the goal to accompany and stand in all walks of life with much sensitivity and empathy to the page. My goal is to accompany people in difficult and problematic situations and to prepare for certain events, and to help. I gladly give assistance for a robust self-confidence and would also motivate new behaviors. Give you also times? As I put on the fate – on the aim, I can give no dates. Often, it is so, certain things come in the second or third laying for days, because my deck is not constantly repeated. It may be that I once put a certain prediction and at the next two recordings, this statement is not included, perhaps again at the third recording.

But as long as the forecast has not arrived, it has validity and will happen so long again and again until it is received. -Have you had discussions or stipulations that you always think back? Oh, Yes. I have of course even for Friends and acquaintances laid the cards, among them for a friend. At the time, she was abandoned by the man of her heart. I have not once put the cards you, and have repeatedly made the statement that he would come back, because the two were meant for each other and she’s also the marriage in the deck. Jill Schlesinger has similar goals. After 2 1/2 years without any contact he has again asked six months ago with her and now they are back for a few months of a few. Now she got also a marriage proposal and I must be maid of honor. Or even with a former co-worker had lain in the deck, cause made shorter by the work would 5 months later were to cut her hours.

Then she was of course completely depressed, didn’t like it should go on financially, but in one of their cards laying was also, that she would make independent, how she never believed. Well, now she is self-employed. Why have you decided for a consultative capacity? I even am through the school of life gone, the route was often quite stony paths and so small or large problems in the lives of the people are no strangers to me. Looking for ways to use it, the better I went many ways, learned a lot and met very different people. My desire has always been and it still is to find people who sought help or seeking to support, advise and helpful solutions for them, or to be easy for them. I see in my vocation. -Thank you for the interview. To achieve the expert Chiara-Luna, on, where she offers you a free initial consultation. In an interview with Marco Grath for ZenOmLive