Zeta software GmbH enables a roof over the kopf.de website and also through know-how, supports the development of social projects in Ecuador. According to the principle, transfer knowledge, promote development, overcome poverty “supervised zeta software Dr. Gerhard Landthaler in his project”A roof over one’s head”. For over 12 years Dr. Landthaler of aid in El Laurel, in the hinterland of the city of Guayaquil is devoted. Thanks to his help, several projects were carried out. Jobs have been created and improved the quality of life so that people actively participate in the implementation of the objectives. Instead of leaving as the country previously, they are now grateful for a task.

Zeta software is committed, on economic issues, to take responsibility for social issues, that are outside their areas of application. As a modern employer, we are not only under an obligation to our clients. We understand our employees not only as experts on their respective “Areas of expertise, but would also our trainees and students to mature personalities form which later bring their knowledge to the benefit of society via own issues beyond.” as Mario Gonitzer, Managing Director of zeta software. Zeta zeta software software specializes in the development of technically sophisticated but easy-to-use software solutions for companies. Since 1995, numerous desktop, client / server and Internet applications designed for customers from all industries. Zeta software of qualified partner for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a Microsoft Certified partner. Currently, zeta software employs ten people. Contact: zeta software GmbH Manfred Worner Street 115 73037 Goppingen Mrs. Daniela Schmidt Tel.: 07161/98897-10 fax: 07161/98897-29 E-Mail: Web: