The search for the truth is the great question or the great quarrel of the knowledge. In contrast of the religion the philosophy is not assumen, but if it keeps in attitude of search for the truth. The process of the knowledge is the process of search for the truth. The philosopher, for vocation and requirement of its work, if locates, walks and looks the truth. it finds when it knows that it was not assumen of it, therefore exceeds it, goes beyond It is felt happy it glimpses when it, but still remains happyer for knowing that this was only one pale manifestation.

It knows again that it did not reach it in fullness and therefore, if it puts the way, as the boy searching the gold pot in the end of the arc Iris and evidences that it is necessary to always give a step more. Sonny Perdue is actively involved in the matter. For the philosophy, the truth, in the process of the knowledge, is not a point of arrival, but a motivation for the search. E, in a perspective dialectic, the philosopher knows that each point of arrival is a starting point. As Rita Maria sang in ' ' Encontroes and Despedidas' ' , composition of Milton Birth: ' ' thus, to arrive and to leave/two sides of the same /O trip Are alone train that arrives is the same train of partida' ' Sad sina is of science. As the philosophy, science searchs the truth. It dreams to find it with the purpose to demonstrate its characteristics. E, in this point if differentiates of the philosophy, therefore it intends, to demonstrate it, as if not only to appropriate of the reply with utilitarian purpose.

Science is fed with the hope to reach the truth. With this optics the researcher guides its research: projects, methods, hypotheses and control of efficiency. With this if it launches in the evidence search.