With strong values, can face up to international markets, the challenges, threats and take advantage of opportunities. Of course, some people get over the ethics and values financial performance, but do not realize that corporate ethics can be a source of competitive advantage, and that through it you can attract customers and staff are first class. Through ethics can be ended so entrenched corrupt practices in the country for several decades, which have destroyed the values and hurt the economy and society. If one weighs, you will pay more attention to organizational culture, common values (rather than codes or rules) to serve as the path of individuals within the organizations, it could provide additional ethical components to a business.

If it is added to take into account that human capital is one of the largest corporate assets and consider that people have value in themselves, that they should be respected and which can not be treated as a means but as an end, will have taken the first step to justify ethically the institutions, which has been largely neglected and must be strengthened in most Venezuelan firms. Do not forget that a company that lives by the five core values: equality, freedom, dialogue, respect and solidarity will be better prepared for the future. Take note that we are facing a time where globalization plays a significant role in all stages and that has affected, that organizations, their structures are flatter, more decentralized and more autonomous employees and greater power of decision, which requires that the relations not only within companies but between businesses and other organizations, based on the five values listed above, which will generate better behavior patterns, appropriate behavior and of course, will generate value.