For a good cause, 4 people can bid for a Spanish course in Mallorca. “Hugo von Hofmannsthals anyone” is a classic of world literature. Christine Neubauer played the 8th year in a row the Paramour”in Nuremberg, Munich, and last but not least during the Castle Festival in Regensburg, on Castle Emeram, and with Gloria von Thurn und taxis. Despite full time and turning calendar she flew end of last week for the final part of their theatre tour to Germany. Beautiful and successfully than ever she shone as only Paramour”on horseback in the dazzling role and in the original Salzburg costume. Thunderous applause for the star and the moving parable on the transience of life and the earthly goods. “The language of the verse of anyone” sure is a challenge for any actor. How do you deal with it? I started my career in the theater and was able to collect a lot of stage experience. If you properly learned acting and dominated, it is a challenge but no problem. Such a role as the Amour”requires a development differently from, for example, a movie character. It behaves similarly to the learning of a foreign language. The correct method is to learn it because wants to be learned. That’s why I am now on the Spanish course in Mallorca. So important to me close to my fans and spectators creates the Alpha Institute has developed exactly the right method for me and learn the concept of celebrities”. “It is both in the amour” as also in the field of foreign languages learning therefore to meet the language with life. They are one of the busiest and most successful actresses in Germany. How do they take the time to still play and to participate in a language course? As I said, the contact to my fans and to the public is very important to me.