The objective of this work when focusing impo rtncia of the application of the methodology of the education of the Mathematics through the Resolution of Problems mentions problems to it that sharpen the curiosity of the pupil in searching strategies for the form results to bring to participate them it of the lessons of Mathematics and to see in the total knowledge relevance for its life. The question in the conception of the professors of Basic Ensino will also be approached, searching together with they half so that if it can accomplish to new a proposal metodolgica. For Smole: ' ' the pupil develops its reasoning participating of activities, acting, reflecting on the reality that the fence, making use of the information that makes use. (1992, P.9). Materials and Methods the work brings a research of field, showing the performance of the pupils front the problems, identifying the strategies that they use through the resolution of some problems of its daily one that they are challenging, considered for the researcher, having as theoretical support main Dante (2000); Smole (2000); Polya (1995). Through an open questionnaire it was possible to know the doubts of the pupils and professors of Basic Ensino front to the boarded subject, analyzing the practical importance of one pedagogical one that gives priority to resolution of problems.

After the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the answers, was presented then a proposal so that the professors can assume the resolution as a metodolgica alternative of the education of the Mathematics. as aid for the professors, has considered suggestions of works with decided problems and problems, all with method of resolution and its respective and varied solutions. This proposal with practical suggestions intends to assist and to instrumentalizar the professor for assumiz it in fact in its pedagogical activity and being remembered that all method for simpler than either is essential for the formation of competent citizens to face the current society.