Banking conciliation by means of file CSB43 At the time of realising the workings corresponding to the accounting of each and every one of the countable movements that take place in company one of the most tedious tasks usually is the conciliation between the countable movements of our banking accounts with the extracts of which it facilitates the bank to us. In order to cover the demands of certain companies that wished to receive from the Banks the movements of their accounts through computer science means, the Interbank Technical Committee made a standard extract of current account in magnetic support, whose use was recommended to all the Bank To circulate of the Council Banking Superior, taking place the edition of this Pamphlet nm. 43 in his first version of May of 1982, commonly known like files type CSB43. Later, the mentioned Interbank Technical Committee developed a version updated of this pamphlet on ” standard information of current account, up-to-date version that was approved by the Plenary session of Advice Banking Superior in its meeting of day 28 of April of 1986. Nowadays main the Software ERP that can be found in him market counts on tools for, of a fast and safe way, to enter the banking movements by means of files adapted to norm CSB43.