(1) To musical sounds correspond numbers, to the same tone the same number. To the of different tone different numbers. (2) the numbers corresponding to consonant sounds behave one another as the numerator and the denominator of the fractions most perfect. To / B ones that the numerator is multiple of the denominator, to = N B, either those where on passing a part of B B, i.e. a = B + B / N and this relationship is both more perfect the more simple, i.e., how much more small are. (3) to the eighth, as more perfect must be 3 / 2, and the fourth 4 / 3.

This is an amazingly successful explanation of the nature of the sound as a succession of blows in the air. Note the contribution of this great philosopher and mathematician. Many artists go and then few remember them, but to the thinkers generations after generations sit carefully listening to them. the mathematics of the Greeks construciones obeyed a worldview of logical content. That separates the number into two classes: the divine number or the number idea. And the number scientific properly such.

The first is model the second ideal, in the number scientific are contained all the material things and shapes depending on the quantity, quality, structure and its provisions, as a result of a principle or guiding archetype of the universe the divine number. ! Fence, wonderful, don’t believe it believe that the material body covers all quantitative mathematics and abstract entity all the qualities of the quantitative entity. Thomass Kuhn in one of his works the Copernican revolution (volume II) allows us to know one of the letters of Copernicus. There are testimony of the Pythagorean doctrine. Says: I again wondered if he should expose in writing my comments to demonstrate his movement. this movement that talks about Copernicus is terrestrial motion of translation continues: or conversely, if it wasn’t better follow the example of the Pythagoreans and some others that as testifies it the Charter of Lysias to Hipparchus, used to convey the mysteries of philosophy only to friends and relatives and not written and voice Yes.