A few months ago a friend told me what I thought about an issue that affected me directly, and my reaction now, analyzed from an objective point of view, my attention and even impresses me. Since I’ve always considered a person who faces face, directly to the different moments of life. My feeling at that moment was to my friend I act with ulterior motives and preferred to think that and accept views that they were indeed pious lies. With the passage of time it has been shown that my friend was right, and I’ve realized that I knew the truth in the background. Now I see this same reaction in almost all people who are faced with situations that are not to its liking. And my thought is: we need the small (or large) lies to live?;It would be our life unbearable to accepting the truth?;do we have to accept that people prefer live deceived?.Perhaps a person who is deceived by her partner does not want to know it, or some parents don’t want to know that your child has problems with drugs, perhaps in the background prefer not to know the truth and leave that life still make decisions the big questions are: would prefer a sweet lie to a sour truth, regardless of the consequences that this might have?;are truth and falsehood relating as a consequence of a subjective reality?. Original author and source of the article