An interesting alternative to the Bookcrossing a platform in the Internet especially for not so well-known for authors, who want additional feedback on their work. A lending library of a special kind! That is what this project. The own books, anthologies, CDs and DVDs sent free of charge by the participating authors to interested people. In an accompanying note, the respective recipients are asked to forward the copy to read on her own friends and acquaintances and to write a short comment in the Forum of the project of “Travel book”. It can be done without huge financial and time costs and the authors will receive the one or the other reply in the form of feedback in most cases.

At worst they gave out free a copy of less, and postage. This project differs by the way very different from the so-called “Bookcrossing”, where books with a small letter filed somewhere be. Be it on the train, on a park bench or in other public places. The danger that many of the books are lost is therefore very large. In the project “BR”, however, only authors send their own books on the trip and is always deliberately proceed with regard to the respective recipients.

The Forum integrated into the project is primarily intended to allow a rapid, uncomplicated and effective exchange of ideas between authors and readers. There are also all the information about the next steps. The so-called “chat corner” of the Forum held a general exchange of views on literature in the broadest sense. The book should be sent, as far as possible only to recipients with Internet access only so fast and uncomplicated communication between readers and authors is guaranteed. It is hoped that in the course of time this interesting project evolved and is still known.