Thus, the results conducted in August by the study, 31% of Russians have not heard anything about the program overhaul. Lack of awareness leads to a decrease in activity of the population, with the participation in the program. Most Houses are still not approved a form of government house (HOA, cc, etc.). State helps finance the program, but to organize and begin work on repairing the tenants must own. "The current level of awareness about the program of reconstruction of housing is too low. According to the survey, 54% of respondents did not know that the state was the last time allocated money for capital repairs and 1 January 2012 it will have to do for your account "- says Pavel , deputy director of Danfoss in Russia in cooperation with state authorities and administration.

Another reason for slow pace of implementation of the program officials see unscrupulous contractors. "Residents should connect and demand quality from contractors. It is the owners, as owners can monitor closely the work carried out in the house "- said the mayor Krasnoyarsk Pyotr Pimashkov. In addition, residents are directly interested in the quality of repair, care must be taken and timelines for the planned activities. Experts note that even with full knowledge citizens about the program, only a third of housing will be renovated, because the money allocated is not enough for the reconstruction of dilapidated buildings. Need for housing the country's overhaul is estimated to range from 2 to 5 trillion. rub.

When This total is allocated only 240 billion rubles. If owners do not exercise social responsibility and participate in the program, at the current low rate of implementation by next year, many regions remain without subsidies Fund for repairs. Then all the burdens of financing the reconstruction of houses will fall in the volume of one hundred percent on the shoulders of the residents. But the time to be a healthy pragmatism and calculate the economic benefits of the proposed State program for owners is still there. Natalia Enshina, the press service of Danfoss,