That is, exactly in if treating to a religious organization, with differentiated objectives, for if dealing with faith, exactly thus, an organization as any another one, with duties, rights and obligations. As all administrative proceeding, in the strategical planning, the control must detect any anomaly in the way and correct immediately the route and modify what it is not in accordance with the strategy, modifying it, necessary case. Of this form, the great question to be boarded in this study says respect to the strategical planning applied the church growth that has as existencial base, the faith. Patel (2007, P. 61) clarifies that what must be valued in the elaboration of any planning they are the involved values. The strategical planning starts in the definition of a work philosophy, that is on to the human values. However, also if it can make use of the values Christians, as in agreement life the example of Christ.

the strategical planning can be a tool to help to reach this target. Being thus, the question that appears is: until point this definition of Oliveira is acceptable for the religious field? As to apply the concept of the world of the businesses in an organization that has its objectives total ' ' diferenciados' '? On this, the engineer Joo Nunes Baptist Walnut, that acts as consulting of the SEBRAE-MG in the area of Strategical Management, does not see no type of incompatibility when using the concepts of strategical planning of the world of the businesses for the ecclesiastical environment. Ahead of the boarding made for the consultant, they remain the following questions: Which the benefits of the use of the planning as strategical tool for the churches, as, for example, efficient use of the human resources and financial; mensurao of results; fulfilment of the organizacional mission; maintenance of the desired focus and endorsement technician for decision taking? Ahead of such questionings, he is valid to admit that the strategical planning constitutes an essential tool so that the church can face new challenges taxes for the globalizado world, exactly in the religious organizations. However, as the principles and models of planning and strategical management they can assist a religious organization in its taking of decision? as these techniques will be able day-by-day if applied in its? Therefore, the central question is to demonstrate the relevance of an applied Strategical Planning to a local church, providing the chance of the organization to alavancar new horizontes as the growth in amounts of members, that is one of the impediments that many churches come facing.