They have a highly developed animal husbandry, many cows and horses. As a consequence, is cheap clothing, boots made of leather. And yet the Soviet Union taught the Argentines make stew. and Argentina is now one of the largest meat exporters in the world. The country is not very rich, many in slums. And the first thing that caught my eye this machine. Big old American cars – Fords, Chevys – baggy! I'm such a life is not seen. There's no Honda or , with occasional VWs.

People live very differently. For example, in Buenos Aires is a house and nearby tent, where people live, too. We flew from winter to summer, swimming in the ocean – water 27 degrees, one day, a drizzling rain. There were in shorts, t-shirts. – Does your skill warrior in your life? – Since I can remember – never in my life did not apply their skills, even as self-defense. Never no one fought, no matter street or in a kindergarten or in school or in college. Everyone is wondering, someone does not believe.

Maybe I'm not a man of such conflict. And my teacher always told me – the best fight the one who has not started. Better to go to fight in competitions get a medal (laughs). Only once was the case: the walk down the street, I called out – come on the phone! I do not dwell, move on, saying, Refrain from me guys, but his thoughts in his head: for example, two of them, first do so, then so.