The Hebrew alphabet has twenty consonants, and the basic system of numbering reaches the quarter century. But the body Jews are 28 consonant sounds. Jews did not resort to using wisdom 28 letters, but only god 22 were known and the other sounds through the inclusion of a point within six consonants. When this is not the point is the consonant sound “soft” or fricative and in another case a crystals sound “strong” meditation or occlusive. Being kept in line 22 has an explanation: the letters of the alphabet are also linked to the soul quantities of which regular polygons with sides split at exactly 360 degrees of the circumference. So ‘a-LEF not only symbolizes worship the number 1, but also represents an equilateral triangle, behth is love associated with a square-mel gui with the Pentagon, and so on. The number 360 has 24 positive divisors, but 1 and 2 do not correspond to the number of sides of regular polygons. Are religion thus 22 numbers that are associated with the consonants of the alphabet representing polygons. There are parallels awakening with the total Phoenician alphabet.