This plan of division did not appear now, it already must have been executed it has years behind, perhaps but now this idea only can become reality, what it has probabilities so that this separation is positive. With the creation of the State of the Tapajs, our city of Itaituba will have more possibilities of development, therefore Itaituba will be one of the cities most populous of the State, where we will be able to choose a state deputy of our city, therefore with this we could be seen for all, we know that a city goes up for its force politics. REASONS FOR CREATION OF THE NEW STATE VITAL RAMON OF 13 ARAJO Many reasons for the creation of the new state exist. It thinks well! The creation of new state fortifies the sovereignty and will go to provide to one high development in the region, generating many jobs.

The creation of this future been in the Southwestern West/of Par became plus a project politician, economic and social of national development. Gigantic states as Amazon and Par have some isolated areas, an example are our city, Itaituba, where we can perceive the lack of the presence of the public power and the regional development. Since then, the division becomes a very important reason for the partner-economic development of our region, therefore with the division we will have chances to grow. THE STATE OF 14 TAPAJS MARLON TO SOUND In Brazil, a democratization system exists where all president or another one politician has that to be elect for the direct vote, where population chooses that one that goes representing in them.