7.55. Instant Business Network – a Web-based collaborative system work, project management, business processes, tasks and documents. The solution is designed for business users – Small and medium-sized businesses who want to organize a single medium of communication and staff management of all work processes and documents. More than seven thousand users of software around the world, including Russia and the CIS countries, have benefited from working in IBN, because with it easily ordered daily manager’s job, less time on routine operations and supervision of subordinates. In the version of IBN 4.7.55 developers’ Mediacheis “a number of changes that make a corporate portal for IBN base even more convenient and flexible.

For example, users can add their own fields, necessary for working with projects or incidents, minimize secondary units, thereby saving the workspace screen. Also when working with the project manager will be able to restrict yourself to create documents of any of the participants. Also became more comfortable and work with notifications arriving employees to e-mail or instant messaging client (similar to a corporate “ICQ”). Now, in addition to information about who and who was appointed commission, what are the terms of its performance, and added information on the status of workload (Pending, expired, active, completed, etc.). This information will allow managers and executives quickly learn about the state of their objectives and make timely decisions. In addition to changes in the program itself, it has also been tested for compatibility with operating system Windows 7×64, which is now included in the list of operating systems supported by IBN. More information about the decision, as well as download and install free version of the IBN, the official website can be a software product at.