But to tell the truth the alpha male of today’s society is more a man who handles many social and professional fields. He thinks that in a herd, the alpha male is the leader, in our society, women seek those leaders, i.e. people showing leadership; If you are one of those to go with another better like friend, which is that most speaks with the girls and is fun, I have bad news, it will be difficult to logres impress girls until you start to be more fun and dare more to seek a leading role; be a man and I know the main character in your story. You may think that it is difficult but I recommend once more the link from the previous point to more clearly illustrate my words. Define your image: This means that you define what you like and how you like; be sure your opinions and even OK when you don’t know something or have no opinion about something. So girls may decide if you like them or not, but will at least have something what to scan, as opposed to if you’re a guy who is constantly changing his opinion only by pleasing them.

Be a man, seduces women with your own personality. For now, I think I will leave this list so far. If you want to read more posts like this or others that show you the secrets of seduction I am and that I know, please be sure to visit my blog:..