At every opportunity recommended to volley because he considered key to the success a player, as it represents an excellent opportunity to send the ball to the point courts, from which the enemy is as far as possible. Sometimes a player may be difficult to kick the summer, because he is too close to the net, then he'd better do it in two stages: first, to send the ball hit from the summer to one side courts, and then in another. Following such tactics should be extremely careful not to make mistakes yourself. If your opponent uses a strike in the summer, you want to reply to it cutted blow. The purpose of the reception – very accurately hit the ball, not raising it too high over the net from the opponent. As a result, the ball must fall far from it. Sliced blow do best if the athlete is at the center court, or if the opponent is standing at the sideline. Necessary to force the enemy to do uncomfortable for him at the time volley.

By straight cutted better to beat when there is a lot of time to get ready for kick-off are closer to the feed line than the back line, as well as in situations when the blow will fall on the weak side of the enemy. From the point of Tactically, the most important is the hit "Candle". Using it is very convenient to force the enemy to change its position or make mistakes. For example, it is advantageous to make "candles" when the tournament takes place in sunny weather, then difficult opponent to beat the ball, because it is not visible in the sky. "Parachute" is usually used to lure the enemy to the grid, and then send the ball to the back line of attack "candle" or cutting. This technique perform quite difficult, as you need not too much kick, so he did not fly very far. Once the opponent will stop "parachute", he will remain at the net, then the player must make a "candle" and then closer to the net, so as not to miss the opportunity to kick.