… Fall of the connection to time! Why should I link it is born! W. Shakespeare "Hamlet" Translated by Kroneberga All readers of "Hamlet" en masse and individually, regardless of their gender and age, nationality and religion, education, and profession, position and titles, etc. etc. You can instantly lower elementary and one single unpretentious question: Is the time Hamlet? In this case, of course, this issue will highlight above all the superficiality, emptiness and ignorance of the readers of this work by William Shakespeare, who had read it in its original language. But readers of translations of works in other languages will be difficult to get away from similar ratings, because many of these lapses, "translation" must have been alert readers to which such estimates are not.

The simplest example – the last parting words of Polonius sailing for France Laertes: This above all, to thine ownself be true: And it must follow as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man … In Translation Lozinskii these words sound like this: But most importantly: be true to myself then, as after the day is night, you can not change and others. Boris Pasternak, translated or rather only the first three words of the original: Just above: be true to yourself. Then, as the morning follows the night, follow this all the faithful. Meanwhile, all the normal people in Russia have since then, when Russia had not even heard of Shakespeare, you know that all the crooks, from pickpockets to politicians, always true to themselves in an effort to deceive everyone else, day and night. And as to this day above the most famous in Russia, translations of the original quoted strings, no one cause confusion and doubt, to the readers of these remittances rightfully apply the same evaluation as to the readers of the original.

It's not easier to position and those readers who are lucky enough to read the line quoted in the original translation, for example, IV Peshkova: But most importantly – be honest with himself, then follows a day at night, you can not sfalshivit and others. Their shallowness is reflected in the fact that they have no time to ask: What does it mean to be " honest with me? " And that is why they also do not understand the question and lowering them know the answer to it. "The enemy is and where no one around" (W. Shakespeare "Hamlet").